DashCam hard-wired kit for extended Parking Mode

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Hardwire kit for extended 'Parking Mode'
Made for DRV-A100, DRV-A201
Made for DRV-A301W, DRV-A501W, DRV-A601W
Input 12 ~24VDC, 2A
Output 5VDC, 2A, Mini-USB
4m cable lenght

When your vehicle is parked and turned off, the Smart Parking Mode becomes active.  If your vehicle is subject to a collision or other physical impacts, your dash cam powers on thanks to the built-in G-Sensor and automatically records 30 seconds of video. The hardwire kit CA-DR1030 is required for permanent power.
(Compatible with DRV-A301W, DRV-A501W & DRV-A601W)